Municipal Alliance Committee Members Term Expires
Maryjaye Frankel-Sypniewski, Chairman 12/31/18
William Pickolycky     12/31/18
Louis Murray 12/31/18
Anthony DeVico 12/31/18
Hector Cruz 12/31/18
Lt. Douglas Pearson 12/31/18
Evelyn Coleman 12/31/18

What is a Municipal Alliance?

A Municipal Alliance is a municipal level grassroots organization comprised of parents, community members, teachers, police, school staff, counselors, agency representatives, youth and others interested in the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse. Created in 1989, The Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (GCADA) oversees the Alliances on the State level. GCADA receives money from the Drug Enforcement Demand Reduction Fund (DEDR) which is derived from fines that are levied upon people convicted of drug offenses. The money is granted to each county and then awarded to each municipality with a Municipal Alliance. The Alliances have a task to assess, develop and implement drug and alcohol prevention programs that are based on the needs of their individual communities. Statewide, the Municipal Alliances exist in over 500 of New Jersey’s municipalities offering over 2000 drug and alcohol prevention programs, serving thousands of residents. Locally, Cape May County has seven Municipal Alliances encompassing 14 Municipalities and offering over 70 prevention programs.

Woodbine Municipal Alliance supports the following programs through full or partial funding.

After School Enrichment :

After school program at Woodbine Elementary School (WES) for 3rd & 4th grader. Program is facilitated by Cape Assist and WES school teachers twice a week. It provides instruction regarding the effects of drug/alcohol abuse, handling peer pressure, refusal skills, and issues of self-esteem/reliance, homework help and arts and crafts. Curriculum is derived from “Protecting You/Protecting Me (evidenced-based program).

Senior Wellness :

Helps promote community knowledge of healthy lifestyle practices and AOD prevention. Program includes participation in Senior “Wellness Day” and two senior luncheons/seminars facilitated by Woodbine Recreation Commission and Cape Assist. Topics covered in seminars may include: dangers of mixing alcohol and medications, medication management, information and referral sources for substance abuse and general healthcare issues. Health Fair provides a variety of health related information, which includes substance abuse information and medication management. Health Fair is sponsored by the Woodbine Wellness Center and WES.

School Based Initiatives :

Drug and alcohol awareness in-class lessons and assemblies.

Sea Life :

Two 5-session (spring & fall) program for K-1st graders facilitated by Cape Assist at the Woodbine Elementary School. Program focuses on resiliency skills and increasing self-esteem. Curriculum is derived from Second Step (evidenced-based program approved by NREPP).

Youth Group :

Program provides a series of ATOD awareness lessons to ongoing community youth groups. Topics include effects of alcohol consumption, drugs of abuse, health effects, refusal skills, peer pressure, staying drug free, and making better choices.

For more information, contact:

Evelyn Perez
Municipal Alliance Coordinator
501 Washington Avenue
Woodbine, NJ 08270
Phone: 609-861-2153

Residents are always welcome to become volunteers and/or attend the quarterly meetings to find out more about the program: The Woodbine Municipal Alliance Committee meets Quarterly. Please call for next meeting date