A. Charge for Water Used - Metered per Quarter
Volume of Water in Gallons Rate per 1,000 Gallons
0-6000 $35.00 (minimum)
6,001-20,000 $  2.25
20,001-100,000 $  2.50
100,001 and over $  3.00

B. Service Connection Charge

A minimum service connection fee of $250.00 shall be payable by each customer who wishes to connect to the water system of the Authority. The minimum fee will generally be paid by private residential users and small businesses not needing more than one (l)inch service connection or less. Larger users and larger service connection shall be charged actual inspection costs and administrative costs incurred by the Authority pursuant to the Woodbine Municipal Utilities Authority Resolution of December 28,1987. The fee is for inspection and clerical expenses only. All costs of actual connection and the costs of meter and meter pit/box shall be borne by the customer. Only approved meters and meter pits/boxes shall be permitted to the specifications of the Authority. The customer shall also be responsible for the street opening permit fee to the Borough of Woodbine, if applicable. The Authority is not responsible for the installation of water services.

C. Fire Protection Rates (Hydrants)

Private Hydrants:
Water Main Connection Size Charge
4 inch main up to and including 6 inch main $60.00 per month
8 inch main and larger $120.00 per month

D. Water Service Turn On & Turn Off Fees

Turn Off $25.00
Turn On $25.00

All turn on or turn off of water service will be made during the regular business hours of the Authority.

E. Meter Certification & Testing Fees

Certification and Testing $25.00

All meter certification and tests will be made during the regular business hours of the Authority.

F. Sprinkler Systems and/or Readiness to Serve Charges
Meter Size Size Charge per Month
1 inch main up to and including 3 inch main $60.00 per month
4inch main and larger $120.00 per month

G. Return Check Charge

A $30.00 charge will be collected for checks returned by the bank.

H. Clerical Fee

A $15.00 fee will be assessed for transferring accounts through property sales or moving.